Laura Sattin is an Italian architect and designer. Born in Vicenza, she graduated from IUAV University of Venice with a MA in Architecture and also studied at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in Switzerland and at the Chiba Graduate School of Engineering in Japan. Laura is currently based in Basel, where she works as Interior Architect at Vitra.


In 2015 she was awarded the 1st prize at the "Un goto per Venezia" international glass design competition and her set of glasses "Un giorno in laguna" was acquired as part of the permanent collection of the Murano Glass Museum: this event marked the beginning of her work with blown glass. However, Laura’s relationship with glass has deeper roots. Indeed, her passion for this material has matured over time, having grown up surrounded by the works made by the Murano glass masters in her family's store in Vicenza.


Her deep appreciation for the skills of the master glassmakers still guides her research, which focuses on the study of ancient glass blowing techniques from Murano island. Her glassworks, characterized by the careful combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, are objects with simple and elegant shapes, which aim to emphasize the craftsmanship techniques.


In 2018 Laura Sattin was selected as 1 of 5 young "Under 30" artists invited to exhibit at DESIGNART Tokyo, the largest design event in Japan. Her works have been exhibited in various personal and collective exhibitions in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Japan.

Prizes and Exhibitions

∙ "Lightness" collective exhibition @ Nero Design Gallery – Arezzo, September 2019

∙ "Glass Threads" solo exhibition @ Chiarastella Cattana for The Venice Glass Week 2019 – Venezia, September 2019

∙ Solo exhibition at DESIGNART TOKYO 2018, selected to exhibit as 1 of 5 artists/designers "Under 30"  – Tokyo, October 2018

∙ "The Glass Bar" exhibition with Jochen Holz @ A plus A Gallery for The Venice Glass Week 2018 – Venezia, September 2018

∙ "Brina" collection exhibited at Castello Sforzesco di Milan for Milano Vetro-35 international glass contest – Milano, May 2018
∙ “Un giorno in laguna” solo exhibition at "Salotto. gallery, shop and studio for culture, art and design" – Basel, September 2017

∙ Ikea Foundation Switzerland project grant for the development of new Murano glass design collections – Basel, August 2017

∙ 1st prize at "Un’idea, una città" design competition with "Convivio" urban furniture – Firenze, March 2017

∙ "Un giorno in laguna" part of the permanent collection at Murano Glass Museum – Venezia, February 2016
∙ 1st prize at Un goto per Venezia international glass design contest with "Un giorno in laguna" set – Venezia, December 2015

∙ 2nd prize at "BIC Suisse design competition" with "Bic® ice-lighters" urban installation – Lugano, May 2011

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